Fortissium is a cybersecurity consulting practice located in the UK

Fortissium Consulting offers skilled, experienced, and professionally qualified consultants who are time-spent in a broad range of industries including; Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Finance, Government, Defence, Services, Telecommunications, and FMCG.

The Fortissium philosophy is simple, we support our clients by getting the basics right, and by getting the common planks of industry-standard-security in place – we recognise that in many businesses there can be a drive to invest in the new and exciting, or leading edge, however in our experience getting the basics right should be the first step in a pragmatic strategy.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a good view of the emerging threats landscape, the technology disruptor’s that inevitably impact our clients and their businesses, and we investigate advanced security technologies and countermeasures that may benefit our clients.

Please take a moment to browse our site, and if you would like to start a dialogue about cybersecurity with Fortissium, then please click Contact and provide your details together with a brief description of your area of interest or requirement.  We will then contact you or your named representative to discuss in more detail.

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